Founder explains why clients are required to pay upfront fees charged by corporation's consultants

One of the fundamental goals at NeoEdge is achieving 100% response rate to "ALL client enquiries", "All Tender invitations" and "All quotations requests". it is because there is always a limited capacity to handle enquiries in a sustainable manner

(Sustainability described here as Not only effective in a timely manner but also financially beneficial for all parties involved)

However, Instead of being put in a position to deny service should any of the following sample scenarios apply to current/potential clients:

  • Requested and received several significant quotes in last 12months did not accept any

  • Requires Assistance during Tender-stage of their project.

  • Scope-of-Works(#SOW) is too small to be financially viable for NeoEdge to bid.

  • SOW is not specified or lacks critical information NeoEdge requires.

  • SOW is not in compliance with #BCA and/or relevant #Australian #Standard #codes which in turn requires consultation with the client to discuss options and certificates(where required)

Moreover, NeoEdge provides an alternative to just denial by allowing the clients to decide whether it's best for them to review the SOW themselves and try again in future; OR

to book a premium appointment with one of #NeoEdge #Professional #Consultants to learn more about #requirements, #options and #certificates.

In conclusion, All Request-For-Quotes(#RFQ's) are attended and responded to within 2 business days. while some require the NeoEdge's Professional Consultants to work on, others are accepted by other some department which supply the provide the client with the quote for services.

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