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What to Expect from a Consultation Appointment

As an architectural metalwork consulting company, NeoEdge offers many services to its clients. We briefly outline some of those services along with details regarding the process below for your convenience.

One of the services that we provide to our clients includes carrying out take-offs for construction metals, architectural metals, structural steel, as well as cladding for the buildings. All we need are elevations for the given material, as well as any plans, sections, schedules and exterior design details that may be relevant to the project.

Another service that we provide to our clients includes building cost estimations. For structural steel, we use structural drawings. They are generally quoted with ‘S’, and the filenames correspondingly begin with ‘S’. Using these drawings, we can very accurately calculate a weight for the steel structure. With this information, we can estimate building costs, specifically how much the structural steel for a building would cost.

For every project, clients can contact us via email and provide us with their project requirements. Should the information provided be insufficient, they are able to speak with one of our consultants in order to receive further assistance regarding the preparation of the necessary materials, drawings and details that are needed. Our consultations are charged upfront in order to ensure that all clients, current or potential, can be heard and receive the assistance they require, while also ensuring that we are able to provide our services at relevant costs.

We also provide services regarding the design and certification of glass balustrades and glazing balustrades. By checking the client’s designs and sketches, we can verify for them whether they indeed comply with Australian standards.

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