Why do we practice Vinyasa &Yin Yoga?

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

At Neoedge we believe that health and work balance come first: Airik, our founder finds balance by practicing yoga. Read his story in the following:

It all started about 12months ago when I visited my regular GP and complained about my lower back pain. She knew that I worked long hours sitting on my chair in office. So She prescribed me with some Yoga exercises.

I learn many of things from watching videos on Youtube. So I searched for "Yoga" and picked one of "Yoga with Adriene" videos. immediately, I was hooked doing yoga almost everyday after work for 6months.

In conclusion, I highly recommend doing Vinyasa/Yin Yoga for those office workaholics to undo the sitting damage with 'Vinyasa flow' series of poses.

His most favorite #Yoga #Pose(#Asana) is #Tree(#Vrkasana)

and his most Badass to date is #Crow(#Bakasana)

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