Why Metalwork Estimators don't use *.DWG file format for Quantity Take-offs?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

In construction industry, there are 2 main formats in which building drawings are issued for metalworkers: *.DWG and *.PDF

We almost always use PDF file for quantity take-offs.

because estimators are not interested to change the requirement.

Unless otherwise the requirement is Not specified(i.e. D&C Projects) and/or does not comply with the following for Australia:

  • Building Code of Australia(BCA)

  • Australian Standards(AS)

#DesignAndConstruct #DandC #AustralianStandard #AS #BCA

Example: A construction metalworker company is invited to tender on Glass Balustrades Package of a construction stage project as a Design&Construct(D&C) project. What D&C means is that the Developer or Contractor(i.e.Builder) is requiring the Subcontractor(metalworker) to guarantee compliance with what is required by law without being able to specify it.

#AS1288 #CertificateOfCompliance

A D&C project can have unlimited financial consequences for Subcontractor if liquidity damage(LD) terms in subcontracts documents are not capped. Proprietary limited(PTY LTD) company structure may limit the personal liability of the Directors and act as a shield against personal bankruptcy but any and all company assets can be liquidated.

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